Training programmes

This section includes:

  • Training Programmes

  • Case Studies

  • Security Seminars



ESG's strength is in formulating and delivering tailored training programmes to specifically address our clients concerns or training requirements. 


We believe you should obtain the maximum benefit from all training sessions and to that end our interactive, focused and informative sessions are presented in a manner so as to encourage a positive learning environment.


We have provided a wide range of cost effective training programmes for Government Departments, International corporations, security providers, retail outlets, emergency response teams, management, key infrastructure facilities, national corporations and private entities.


Our key training programmes include


  • Robbery Prevention and Awareness (RPA)

  • Hostile Environment Training (HET)

  • Defensive Tactics (Self Defence) (DT)

  • Counter Stalking (CS)

  • Counter Kidnap (CK)

  • Terrorism Mitigation (TM)

  • Teen Safety Awareness (TSA)

  • Crisis Management (CM)

  • Conflict Resolution (CR)

  • Loss Prevention (LP)

  • Personal Safety Awareness (PSA)

  • Travel Security (TS)

  • Professional Standards for Security personnel (PSSP)

  • Workplace Safety Awareness Training (WSAT)

  • Mail Screening (MS)

  • IED Awareness (IEDA)

  • Dignitary / VIP / Executive Protection (CP)

  • Active shooter / threat (AST)



Security Seminars

Security seminars are a great informal way of imparting security and personal safety knowledge.  Our experienced presenters have the ability to connect with individuals of all ages, backgrounds and industries.

We tailor each seminar to match your requirements.  Our past seminars have included one or any combination of the below topics:

  • Travel security

  • Child safety

  • Business security

  • Loss prevention

  • Robbery prevention and management

  • Improvised Explosive Devices

  • Stalking Prevention

  • Preventing and Managing Domestic abuse

  • Workplace Safety and Security

  • Counter Terrorism

  • Kidnap Prevention

  • Active Shooter

...and many more.

Our seminars are informative, interactive, entertaining and most of all designed to address any and all security or risk management concerns you have.


Many clients also use them as a marketing event, if you wish to know more about how this works, please contact us direct.

Darren incorporates his police and international security experiences to provide and informative and entertaining presentation to maximise knowledge and safety.


Darren has addressed International forums, corporations, community groups and has been interviewed on national TV in relation to kidnap, security and protection concerns.


For more information contact Darren at