Our professional services fall into 3 comprehensive business units, Protection, Security and Risk Management.  Below we have summarised each business unit and at the bottom of this page have tabulated the specific sub services we provide.  Our training programmes are detailed separately under the 'Training' section of this website.


Our operational business units comprise



Comprising all aspects of VIP or CEO protection operations, both within New Zealand and globally



This section includes all corporate, event, concierge and uniform security services



This section summarises all additional services designed to prevent or resolve risk within any environment





"The world is a dangerous place,


Not because of those who do evil,


But because of those who look on and do nothing."



 Albert Einstein

"Protecting your business,

              Securing your future"




ESG specialise in high profile or discrete close protection services.


All ESG protection personnel must undertake and complete our stringent US formulated Close Protection training course. 


ESG have been deployed to conduct Red carpet security, protection of Hollywood celebrities, sporting stars, international CEO's, TV crews and individuals travelling internationally.


All CP operations are managed by ESG's Managing Director, Darren Morton, a former member of the NZ police VIP protection squad,  a squad charged with the protection of the New Zealand Prime Minister (for more information on Darren refer to the 'About Us' page in this website)


Our services include:


  • VIP Operation Planning

  • Planning and Advance reports

  • Personal Protection Officers and Teams

  • Security Advances

  • Airport pickup and drop off

  • Advanced medical staff if required

  • VIP / Motorcade trained drivers

  • Accommodation security

  • Residential security

  • Venue security

  • Land and Air travel logistics

  • Threat assessments

  • Counter surveillance services

  • International security management





ESG personnel have provided:


  • Red Carpet Premiere security for an international movie launch


  • 24/7 Personal Protection for a NZ Company Director who was under threat of death. This operation lasted 6 months


  • Executive Protection for CEO's of international companies visiting NZ


  • Personal Protection for visiting celebrities 


  • Companies whose staff travel internationally to high risk regions.  This coincides with our 'Hostile Environment Training Course'

  • Personal Protection for a Government Official attending a 2  day Court hearing



ESG specialise in providing security personnel for discerning clients who are seeking a more customer focused provider.  Our personnel are foremost selected for their strong interpersonal skills, discretion, presentation and abilty to provide a high standard security service that is both proactive and responsive.


We match our personnel to each client and their event or specific security aim.  Unlike other providers, our staff are foremost corporate security personnel.  We wont put a uniformed guard in a suit and simply charge you double for the privelege.


Some of our key clients such as the Hilton Auckland and Tennis Auckland (ATP and WTA Tennis host), have employed our services for over 14 years.


We understand security, we understand events, and most of all we understand our clients. 


Our services include:


  • Corporate security personnel (suits)

  • Uniformed Security personnel

  • Concierge provision

  • Event security

  • Security operations planning

  • Venue / Facility security


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ESG personnel have provided


  • Corporate Security for 5 star international hotels


  • Security planning, management, uniform and protection staff for the ATP & WTA


  • Uniform security for foreign Consulates


  • Corporate security officers for Government Judges Conferences

Risk Management is one of our key strengths.  The security risks threatening your operation, personnel or products, are changing on an almost daily basis.


The unfortunate truth is that the threats we face today have no global boundaries.  Whether it be basic product loss, staff safety or even terrorism, we are all at risk.  To that end it should be remembered that risk managment, at all levels is most effective when implemented proactively. 


ESG's personnel have provided risk management, protection and security services in over 12 countries worldwide, countries that include Yemen, Monaco, Greece, Oman, China, Singapore, Egypt, Australia and New Zealand.  We understand daily operational issues through to international terrorism. 


Our assessors are ex police, have crime prevention, counter terrorism and health and safety experience.


We have provided our services for the NZ government, foreign governments, local government, international CEO's, corporations, celebrities, retail stores and many industries.


Our services include:


  • Facility security assessments

  • Security audits

  • Procedural reviews and formation

  • Professional standards enhancements for security providers

  • Surveillance

  • Debugging

  • IED Sweeps

  • Loss prevention

  • Investigations

  • Undercover operatives

  • Covert performance audits on staff or contractors

  • Crisis Management




ESG personnel have:


  • Conducted audits on a Global coroporations international company security plan (Monaco)


  • Onsite security assessment and audit for NZ's only Oil Refinery


  • Office Debugging for an international corporation based in NZ prior to a high level meeting


  • Security assessments for retail and corporate facilities which included implementing loss prevention strategies and staff training


  • IED sweeps of high risk venues


  • Conducted staff security awareness  & personal safety training for real estate personnel


  • Staff security training and procedural formation for a Mayoral Office


  • Risk assessments for NZ and international companies whose personnel travel internationally