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With over 16 years international company experience, in over 12 countries providing security solutions for clients that range from loss prevention and security training through to counter stalking, counter kidnap and counter terrorism services, ESG was the obvious choice to write and article on "How to survive a terrorist attack".

The article was in direct response to the recent incidents in the UK, and addresses personal safety in such incidents.


While NZ is a relatively safe country, we cannot dismiss the potential concern that such an issue could occur in NZ.  The article provides information to maximise personal safety both while travelling internationally and in the event such an incident occurs in NZ.

The article that appeared in the printed version of the NZ Herald is as below.


ESG provide professional 'Travel Security', 'Active Shooter', Terrorism Mitigation' and 'Hostile Environment' training to assist companies protect there staff who may travel internationally.  Any company, entity or individual wishing to find out more should contact ESG's Managing Director, Darren Morton direct at


June 2017

Following an assessment and review period ESG were selected by a major provider of global close protection and emergency response services as their provider of choice in New Zealand.  ESG will be supporting their clients who travel to NZ and will also be available to support their clients in the Pacific and SEA regions. 

May 2017



As New Zealands leading provider of counter Stalking training and support services, ESG has written an article for the NZ Herald to assist victims of Stalking.


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Stalking is a  silent crime that affects thousands of New Zealanders every year and one that too often goes unreported because the victim either blames themselves, or thinks that people will think they are crazy.  This crime has the ability to effect anyone, married, single, male, female, old and even the young. 

This can be one of the most terrifying crimes perpetrated upon a victim but can be easily managed once the specific aspects of the crime and offender are identified.

For further information go to the NZ Herald article written by ESG's Managing Director (on our Security and safety Tips Page), or contact us direct.

Jan 2018