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Executive Summary

We now live in an age where physical and cyber security risks are increasing on a daily basis.  In response to these new threats, many companies scramble to recruit substandard and inexperienced security guards to fill contracts.  If you are looking for a manpower provider of basic standards, we are not for you.


ESG specialise in providing experienced protection and security personnel to select clients.  We are not interested in providing a reduced standard services at inflated rates to merely fill uniforms and secure profits.


We are dedicated to those clients who are looking for peace of mind, those clients seeking a professional, trusted and experienced provider, one who will deliver a cost effective service employing professional personnel who have the additional training and experience to professionally provide the services for which they are employed.  


ESG is a medium sized, client focused company employing quality staff whose strengths are the ability to identify, mitigate and resolve any and all security concerns faced by our clients, whether they be corporate or individual.  We achieve this by limiting the number of clients we service, which in turn ensures our service standards remain exemplary and our focus constant.


ESG is committed to making a difference within the New Zealand security industry.  We understand the ever changing New Zealand and global security situation and are dedicated to providing a proactive resource designed to secure our clients and their assets, wherever in the world they may operate.  To assist this process, we carefully select those providers with whom we form strategic alliances and only work with those who share our focus and committment to our clients.


While our staff have the ability to operate internationally, our extensive global networks ensure we are able to secure our clients or their assets wherever in the world they may be.

Global locations ESG personnel have provided services



















Management Profiles

Email: darren@executivesecurity.co.nz

Mobile: 0064 21 85 25 45

Darren Morton  Dip. NZ Pol

Founder & Managing Director

The Executive Security Group was established by Darren Morton, a former NZ Police Detective with over 30 years New Zealand and global security experience. 


Darren's experience includes 16 years in the New Zealand police where he was a qualified Detective and a member of the Armed Offenders Squad - AOS (SWAT) for 11 years, the Special Tactics Group - STG (Police Counter Terrorism) for 9 years and the VIP / Witness Protection Squad - VIPPS for 3 years.  While a member of the STG and VIP Protection Squad, Darren provided personal protection for 2 NZ Prime Ministers, as well as members of the Royal Family, Presidents and Foreign Heads of State.


This level of experience is ideally tailored to today's global security environment ensuring Darren is able to provide ESG clients with a comprehensive level knowledge and experience of risk mitigation and protection techniques to secure ESG's clients in today's complex and volatile environment.


On leaving the police in 2001, he entered the private security industry and provides specialist training, planning and operational protection services to the NZ Government, Foreign Governments, International corporations, high risk / high profile VIPs and CEO's, international travelers, celebrities, national corporations and international events.


Besides New Zealand, Darren has provided his services globally in countries that include Yemen, Egypt, Oman, UAE, Kenya, Monaco, Greece, China, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and Australia.  This ensures he is able to not only provide his clients with the ability to mitigate today's risks, but also those emerging as areas of concern for the future.


Darren specialises in VIP protection, counter terrorism, security operations management, corporate training and the protection of high risk / high profile individuals and facilities.


Linkedin Profile:   https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=130956631&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile


Mike Tangataolakepa
Operations Manager

Email:   miket@executivesecurity.co.nz

Mobile: 0064 21 0291 8003

As ESGs Operations Manager, Mike brings a unique level of customer service and management to the ESG operation. 

Mikes extensive 16 years’ experience within the New Zealand security industry, knowledge of the security industry, ability to manage a wide range of operations and to build relationships with our clients is what assists ESG to remain at the forefront of service provision within New Zealand.

His career commenced as a guard but due to his personality, professionalism, management ability and dedication to providing a high-level service, Mike quickly moved to Supervisory and Management positions.

Mike is the key interface between ESG’s operations and our clients.  Mikes ability to build positive relationships with our clients and to quickly identify, address and mitigate a wide range of risks to our client’s business or event provides piece of mind to our clients, sound in the knowledge that ESG are working with them to ensure business continuity.

Mikes professional management of our service provision ensures our clients can concentrate on their business or event, secure in the knowledge that ESG are not only professionally managing the physical side of their security, but are also protecting their name, image and reputation.

His extensive experience in the NZ security industry extends to a wide range of services that include; operational and crisis management, security reviews, security training, corporate security, high profile international event security and close protection.

During his career, he has provided a range of services to the NZ Police, NZ Defence Force, Foreign Embassies, NZ Parliament, Financial institutions, NZ Justice Department, 5 star hotels, Councils and Universities.

Mike ensures ESG personnel are ready to protect our clients from any risks to their businesses, both today and in the future.

Stewart Brown
Protective Services Manager

Email:   stewartb@executivesecurity.co.nz

Mobile: 0064 21 739 739

Stewart is E.S.G’s Protective Services Manager with a portfolio that covers all E.S.G protection services.  With a career that includes 11 years in the NZ Army, 10 years as a business manager and 8 years providing international risk management and security services, E.S.G’s clients can be assured they have one of New Zealand’s leading protection specialists managing their protection.

His international experience is comprehensive and having successfully completed the Ronin Protection Course he commenced work on the international circuit providing operational protection management, planning and services for some of the northern hemispheres leading international security providers. 

Stewart's deployments resulted in his serving in some of the world’s most hostile environments, both on land and at sea.  This experience ensures Stewart is able to maintain E.S.G's pace with global trends and techniques in personal and business protection.

Today’s fluid global security environment is one that must constantly be reassessed to ensure appropriate levels of security are being engaged.  Stewart will ensure your protection requirements, whether in New Zealand or internationally, are managed to the highest standard.

Stewart's protection experience includes all elements that make up a Close Protection operation; security advances, security operations planning, close protection, motorcades, venue and event security, client liaison, threat assessments and security reviews.  He will service all elements of E.S.G VIP Operations from planning through to deployment.

From high risk to passive environments, from international celebrities to business executives, Stewart will ensure your protection and safety.

Alan Brosnan (USA)
Firearms, Tactical and Close Protection Consultant

Website: www.energeticentry.com

Mr. Brosnan has been involved in firearms, explosive breaching and tactical training / operations for 41 years, which included twelve years in the New Zealand Army, the majority being with the Special Air Service (S.A.S.). He served several tours with the counter terrorist team, and finally as assault group commander was responsible for the training and management of all assault team personnel.

In February, 1989, Alan left the Army and was sponsored into the United States as a subject matter expert in the field of counter terrorism. For two years he worked in Beverly Hills, CA as a close protection team member for a billionaire movie producer as well as conducting numerous courses for the US Military and Law Enforcement Communities. Alan is still active in the dignitary protection field and has performed security details in over thirty permissive and semi permissive countries worldwide.

In 1991, Alan moved to Memphis and established the Tactical Explosive Entry School (TEES.) This internationally recognized school conducted specialty classes for military and law enforcement personnel who were tasked to operate in high risk environments. Alan sold this company in 2005 then re-created it in 2007 under the name of Tactical Energetic Entry Systems (TEES.)

Alan served as a reserve Deputy with the Desoto County Sheriff's Department (SWAT Team) from 1992-2015 and was involved in hundreds of high-risk operations at the planning, breaching and assault level.

From 1993-2016, Alan has worked as an independent contractor for the U.S. Department of State's Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program that trains foreign law enforcement officers in skills associated with counter terrorism. This training is conducted within the United States and at select locations abroad. Alan’s tasks have included writing course packages relating to counter terrorism and explosive breaching, instructor and course lead instructor both in the US and abroad.

In 1995, Alan stood up the NZ Police STG breaching program and continues as an instructor/adviser for them to this day. Additionally, he has been contracted by the NZ Police on numerous occasions to conduct training, advise on or to develop programs for the AOS, SSTT firearms instructors, PITT training programs, DPS and college firearms instructors.  

Janine Morton
Office Manager

Email:   Janine@executivesecurity.co.nz

Phone:  0064 9 216 5825

Janine is our Office Manager at ESG and with over 25 years experience in such roles, is well equipped to manage all our client liaison, managing our event schedule, IT, accounting and invoicing. 


Janine was employed with the New Zealand Police as a civilian for over 6 years and assisted on numerous occasions with administrative aspects of major Police investigations, which included dealing with highly sensitive and confidential information.

On leaving the Police Janine became an Executive Assistance for the Managing Partner of one of West Auckland's leading law firms. This role allowed Janine to further enhance her administrative and client liaison skills.

After approximately 7 years in this role Janine was approached to become an Executive Assistance / Office Manager for two Partners of a boutique recruitment firm specialising in high-end recruitment at CEO/Director level. Janine was responsible for the professional management of all client files and liaison. 

Janine now uses this past experience to ensure all ESG clients are managed to the highest professional standard. 







ESG is a fully licenced security provider, authorised to provide security, personal protection, risk management and training services.




ESG retains a comprehensive NZD $10,000,000 insurance policy covering all services provided.  This policy has never had to be employed. 




We maintain a strict confidentiality policy with respect to our clients business endeavors, information and all services provided.




All of our staff undergo a stringent selection process prior to being employed by ESG.  All personnel are fully licenced under NZ legislation to conduct the specific tasks for which they are deployed.

Qualifications, Affiliations & Memberships

ESG is committed to upholding and implementing the international code of conduct as stated by ASIS International







New Zealand

  • Mitigate Group Ltd



  • Personal Security Group (NZ)


  • Neill Group


  • TC3 Training (NZ)          


United States

  • Global Guardian 



  • Constant Security (Australia)


Papua New Guinea

  • South Pacific Security



  • Tactical Energetic Entry Systems


Please Note:

ESG is in no way associated to, or strategically alligned with the Corporate Security Group (CSG) or any of its members or management.